Quality Management Systems

Following stringent quality procedure, we make sure that the product you need is the product you get.

We strongly believe high quality is achieved by listening to the “voice of the customer” and by continuously improving so as to deliver superior products and services. We aim to have all of our employees committed to “Total Quality Management”. To us, quality is of eminent importance to our corporate strategy because it ensures the most loyal customers.

Design of Experiments

Some process are so complex that even a very experienced and competent engineer would not necessarily know how to identify the best setting for that manufacturing equipment. Through our history of manufacturing and processing data, we have created an exemplary model to determine our input process parameter to manufacture with a probability of an error at 0.05.

Operational Excellence

We follow perpetual improvement to make the operation more efficient, thus decreasing the overall cost and not compromising quality.

Our journey of continuous improvement takes us to the operational excellence of the present time, thus having our management and operation leaders spend their time working with sales and the innovation process to develop new products that customers want and that fit the operation’s capabilities. The result is time spent on activities that generate top-line growth and to widen our global presence.

ISO 9001 : 2015

ISO 14001 : 2015